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How We Deliver

Learn how Whenso delivers its best to you

We adopt Iterative & Incremental

Reduce risk

Adapt to change effectively

Higher Quality

Our Methodology


Step 1: Planning

Define scope, approach, process and standard


Step 2: Design

Using Design Thinking approach which include requirement analysis, architecture design, detailed UI/UX design


Step 3: Develop

Implementation in sprints, developing potentially shippable products


Step 4: Test

Validate user stories, automated testing, executing regression tests and bugs fixing

CI/CD with Automated Testing

We adopt continuous integration, continuous development with automated testing driven approach to ensure the product we deliver meets the business requirements.

A process that can ensure the quality and functionality of the software to meet the ever changing business requirements


Step 5: Deploy

Prepare version release at each iteration for client to review


Step 6: Review

Gain feedback and prepare for next iteration

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